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I first became interested In astrology at the age 15 looking at the horoscopes in the daily newspaper.  It wasn’t untill August 11, 1999 eclipse in Leo when I reunited with Ra’akhu who shared the deeper aspects of the science of astrology.  It was from this point I began to study aspects of astrology intensely, looking at thousands of charts where I started recognizing patterns the planets make.   
I went back to college that fall with a desire to practice reading charts of associates.  I stumbled upon a book called the light of Egypt the science of the soul and the stars by Thomas h   Burgoyne volume 1 and 2.  This two volume book inspired me greatly and I became obsessed with nature’s mysteries, which come to find out are not mysteries at all. My comprehension grew exponentially.
I am passionate about the predictive analysis approach to delineate aspects in any astrological chart.  astrology incorporating its connection to nature and universal truth.
My approach to astrology is based on mathematical calculation of maturation of each and everything on the planet as long as it has a birthdate.  
I  thoroughly enjoy reading clients charts, as I will no doubt enjoy reading yours too and I always do my best to accommodate and adjust my consultations to my clients’ specific needs.
“Millionaires do not have astrologers, billionaires do”  
J.P. Morgan

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